Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Gift Extravaganza: GiFTS FoR HiM (Updated)

Sorry for the late start. To start of the Holiday Gift Extravaganza we will start with a list of homemade gift ideas for that guy in your life!!!

**Click on the picture to go to the website with the tutorial.**

Golf Club Cozy

These are made from old sweaters! Great for the gold enthusiast.


Suitcase Handle

This would be a great way for your guy to find his suitcases on family or business trips. Just use a more masculine fabric!


Puzzle Blocks

Have a guy who works in an office? These puzzle blocks would be great and you could use family pictures so then he can display his family at the same time he could have something to fiddle with while on a phone call!


Electronics Cozy

What guys doesn’t have electronics that could use a little extra protection. You can easily adapt this tutorial to a guys by using more masculine fabric.


A Tie

Not too exciting but here’s a tutorial for making a tie. You could probably recycle and old silk dress shirt.


Personalized Rubik’s Cube

This would be great for any guy who is into rubik’s cubes. It’s not necessarily one to be played with but you could put family pictures on it like the picture or you could use your guys favorite sports team logos or mascots to decorate the cube!


Custom T-Shirts

Using masking tape or freezer paper you could design your man a shirt.


Marshmallow Gun

Since the one in the picture doesn’t have instructions I will adjust these instructions to make the one in the picture!


Wrench Casing

Does he need a way to carry his tools around. Here’s an idea and could be adapted to screw drivers too!


Whistle Lanyard

Do this in his favorite sports team or if he’s a coach use the school’s colors!


Custom Notepads

This is a great project for the kids to do for dad!




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Heidi said...

I've been looking for a tie pattern. My husbands tie is looking pretty sad at church lately. I think he wore it at our wedding almost eight years ago. It's time for a new tie.
I also might use the t-shirt idea! I bought freezer paper to make something with it and haven't broken it out yet. Too many other things to do before Christmas.

Katie said...

I'm so excited about the Marshmallow guns! I have been looking for something fun to give to my nephews. I think this will be perfect, and if I give some to the dads too it could make christmas morning really fun! Thanks for the idea!

heather said...

Those custom notepads would be perfect for my kids to do. Love this!


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