Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wooden Block projects

I got together with some of my friends and we did a craft with wooden blocks for thanksgiving we got the idea from here.

Picture 127

I had some blocks leftover and my husband wanted to do a project and we came up with this tree:

Picture 317

We painted the blocks ( sizes range from 2 1/2” to 3 1/2”). Then we laid the blocks down on the table and printed out a tree outline from the computer, laid it over all the blocks and painted the tree outline onto the blocks. Then I used a stencil to add the star to the top (this required a lot of coats to cover up the green).

Picture 252

I cut out the vinyl letters using my Cricut and a program called Sure Cuts A Lot that allows me to cut using all the fonts on my computer.

As I was looking at it I thought it needed a little sparkle to it and since I didn’t have any super fine glitter I decided to use my bronzing powder and then use a clear gloss spray over the top to keep it on. It worked out great! Just a little shimmer.

Picture 275

I then used the two lonely blocks to make a snowman from which my inspiration came from these cute little S’mores snowmen.image image

Here he is with his crocheted hat and scarf!!!

Picture 266

The top block is 2 1/2” x 2 1/2” and the bottom block is 3'” x 2 1/2”. I painted the block white and then glued them together. I then went along the edges with a gold stamp pad:Picture 265

I hand panted on his eyes and buttons and for his mouth I used the tip of the handle of a small paintbrush to make the circles. I used a 1/4” dowel for his nose and I just sanded at one end for a little while to get it to make the point like a carrot and then used a sharpie to make the lines. Then I sprayed it with a clear gloss spray paint.

It was fun to do these projects with my husband!

Picture 319

I had a question about where I purchased the blocks for my snowman and tree, I bought a 2.5" x 1.5" x 8' board at Home Depot and then my neighbor cut them to size. You could also have the associates at Home Depot cut them for you too. It was less than $2 for the board.


Andy Porter said...

That tree is so cute!! I love how it looks with the stacked letters. Very cool idea!

Sparta Savings said...

Very cute ideas! I love making these blocks! They are so cheap (usually free with scraps) and yet they look great! Thanks for sharing!

The Miller 6 said...

This project is sooo cute!! can I ask where you got the blocks?? I'm wondering if I can get my hubby and kids to help me make something this adorable for my home!! Thanks for the inspiration!

lora k said...

I love your blog, getting me in the mood for xmas. check out my new blog when you get a chance


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