Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Stringy Easter Wreath

This is a messy but fun project.  I recommend it for ages 5+.


Elmer’s Glue (watered down a little bit)

1 long skinny balloon (I had to use 2 balloons as I wanted mine thicker but I would recommend if you can only using one)  I found my balloons at a dollar store in an assortment bag

Yarn cut into strips I would recommend around 24 inches long.

Something to fill the wreath (I used Easter eggs)


Dip the yarn in the glue and squeeze off the excess. DSC08383Wrap the yarn around the balloon in all directionsDSC08394Once the glue dries then pop the balloon and remove it from inside.  Allow it to dry a little longer as some of the inside may be a bit wet still. DSC08401 Once dry fill whatever you want I used Easter eggs and tie a ribbon on.


Side note:  Mine started to droop and looked more like an egg after a little while so I re did the ribbon to pull from about 4 inches on each side of the center so it wouldn’t droop anymore.  Mine was pretty flexible but I bet if you did way more yarn it would probably be stiffer!


*I learned the use of string in glue from a magazine article a few years ago.  I’m not sure which one but I think it might have been “Parenting”


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