Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oooh La La Baby Legs

I love Baby LegsDSC_0006

I have been wanting to make some for my baby for a while and when my husband started getting rid of his dress socks because they looked like this:

DSC08657I started snagging them before he could throw them away so I could make them into little leggings for her.   This is how I did it:


I cut the foot portion off the sock like so: 


Then I took some trim and pinned it to the cut edge of the sock and just started stitching it down.  (because this trim was finished i just stitched wrong side to the right side of the sock)


When I got back around to where I started I connected the two ends together but lining right sides together and stitched so there was just enough trim to lay over the remainder of the sock (I hope that makes sense)DSC08661 Stitch that section down to the sock and then viola your done!!!DSC08671 DSC08669They were so easy and fun I made another pair using wired ribbon.  I used the wire to scrunch up one side and then stitched it the same as above and then removed the wire once it was all stitched down!DSC_0027DSC_0045

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A New Favorite: Headband Trim

I was strolling through my local WalMart craft area and I stumbled across this:


It’s a roll of Headband trim!!!  The same stuff as the popular headbands for babies and children are made from except it’s in a roll with 2 yards of the trim.  Maybe I’m behind the times and everyone else already knew about this stuff but it’s great.

From one roll I was able to make five headbands


and I had a small amount left over that I turned into a cute bracelet!


To make them I just wrapped the trim around my little girls head pulling it so it was a little snug and then cut it then finish it on your serger or sewing machine.   Here’s how I finished them using my sewing machine:

One method I took a square of the same color of fabric and wrapped it around the end of the trim like so:DSC08680

(If you don’t wrap the end the trim gets stuck in your feed dogs)

I used a ziz-zag stitch and went over the end a couple of times.  Then I trimmed the extra fabric off and it’s done!!!  DSC08681

The other method I regular lined paper wrapped one the back side instead of the material.  That way I could tear it free.  I did this method because I didn’t have any pink fabric to match the pink trim. DSC08691(The paper leaves little pieces between the threads that you have to get out with some tweezers, otherwise it works great)

DSC08692 These were so easy and so fun to make.  DSC_0045 (2)

I foresee more projects to come using this trim!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scrapwood and Screws

Scrapwood and Screws

is a brand new blog a friend of mine started to show off the projects he has done and maybe help inspire us to turn “junk” into treasures.  

I’m loving his very first post of a

 Sandbox Excavator.   image To see how he made this

Sandbox Excavator head on over to

 Scrapwood and Screws!!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Canvas Brushless Art with Kids

We had a blank wall in our hallway and I really wanted to do one large artwork to add some color unfortunately there was two problems.

First I didn’t want to fork over the $$$ for a large piece of artwork


Secondly I’m not much of an artist so I couldn’t paint one myself.


Let My Kids Be The Artists!!!


Here’s how we made it:

I made the frame from scrap pieces of wood by cutting two long pieces and then two smaller pieces about half the size of the long ones.  I also one more small piece that would fit snug between the two long pieces for more support.  (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the frame before I put the canvas over it)


I purchase a white twin size flat sheet at Wal-Mart for about $5.  I cut it so the sheet was about 4 inches wider than the frame on all sides.

Then I let the kids have at it doing whatever they wanted.  It didn’t turn out quite like I had hoped so a couple days later we had another go at it but will a little more direction to create an actual scenery. 

I asked the kids what they wanted to make, then I squeezed out the paint to resemble the item, and they spread the paint out.

Flower DSC08632TreeDSC08633SunDSC08635 The big thing I would change here is I would make a light outline of the frame so that we could keep the bulk of our picture on the part of the fabric that will actually be seen.  As you can tell we lost most of the flowers and rainbow in order to keep the tree with the handprint apples!!!

After the paint has dried just line up the frame where you want and wrap it around to the back of the frame and staple it in place.  Be sure to pull tight.  I recommend working on one end then move to the opposite end and then work on the sides.


It was definitely a five star ***** project in my book!!!

Fun, Easy, and Cheap!!!

Plus we can easily make another painting to change it up if we like.

I think the next one we make will have a beach theme to it!!!


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