Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A New Favorite: Headband Trim

I was strolling through my local WalMart craft area and I stumbled across this:


It’s a roll of Headband trim!!!  The same stuff as the popular headbands for babies and children are made from except it’s in a roll with 2 yards of the trim.  Maybe I’m behind the times and everyone else already knew about this stuff but it’s great.

From one roll I was able to make five headbands


and I had a small amount left over that I turned into a cute bracelet!


To make them I just wrapped the trim around my little girls head pulling it so it was a little snug and then cut it then finish it on your serger or sewing machine.   Here’s how I finished them using my sewing machine:

One method I took a square of the same color of fabric and wrapped it around the end of the trim like so:DSC08680

(If you don’t wrap the end the trim gets stuck in your feed dogs)

I used a ziz-zag stitch and went over the end a couple of times.  Then I trimmed the extra fabric off and it’s done!!!  DSC08681

The other method I regular lined paper wrapped one the back side instead of the material.  That way I could tear it free.  I did this method because I didn’t have any pink fabric to match the pink trim. DSC08691(The paper leaves little pieces between the threads that you have to get out with some tweezers, otherwise it works great)

DSC08692 These were so easy and so fun to make.  DSC_0045 (2)

I foresee more projects to come using this trim!!!

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