Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oooh La La Baby Legs

I love Baby LegsDSC_0006

I have been wanting to make some for my baby for a while and when my husband started getting rid of his dress socks because they looked like this:

DSC08657I started snagging them before he could throw them away so I could make them into little leggings for her.   This is how I did it:


I cut the foot portion off the sock like so: 


Then I took some trim and pinned it to the cut edge of the sock and just started stitching it down.  (because this trim was finished i just stitched wrong side to the right side of the sock)


When I got back around to where I started I connected the two ends together but lining right sides together and stitched so there was just enough trim to lay over the remainder of the sock (I hope that makes sense)DSC08661 Stitch that section down to the sock and then viola your done!!!DSC08671 DSC08669They were so easy and fun I made another pair using wired ribbon.  I used the wire to scrunch up one side and then stitched it the same as above and then removed the wire once it was all stitched down!DSC_0027DSC_0045

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