Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I’m back and Last Minute Quilts

I’m back from vacation. It was great to spend some time with family. I was so happy the everyone liked the gifts I made, although for next year I really need to start making them much earlier so I’m not stressed for time. My one brother-in-law and my sister’s fiancĂ© both loved the marshmallow guns we made (my husband did most of the work on those). I wish I had taken some pictures of them playing with them.

The last few items I had to finish up before Christmas were three quilts. I made an I-Spy quilt for each of my kids and a patchwork quilt for my husband. Patchwork quilts aren’t to sew but they are quick and easy.

As I piled flannel bolt after flannel bolt into my cart I received all sorts of looks and then was questioned by the associate what I was making when I asked for only 1/4th of a yard of each. It was so fun to find the fabrics. Oh and if you plan to do this don’t forget to check the remnants racks for a good deal. I backed both quilts with two microplush throws (they were only $2.99 at JoAnn’s on Black Friday). I had enough of the microplush fabric left over to make matching pillowcases.

I used boyish printed flannels for my son’s quilt.

Picture 204

and I used girlish printed flannels for my daughter’s quilt.

Picture 205

Then for my husbands quilt, I just pieced the quilt blocks together and then printed off the letters and pinned them onto a strip of grey fleece. I then separated the letters (not actually cutting the letters out) and then pinned the letters and grey fleece onto the quilt. I then did a straight stitch around the letters following the lines on the printed paper. After I sewed them down I was able to remove the paper and trim the excess fleece close to the stitching. It was pretty easy!!!

Picture 162

Hope everyone has had a Wonderful Holiday Season!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kitchen Tile for Grandma and Vacation

How time has flown.  I’ve been plugging away at my Christmas gifts trying to get them all done in time.   Not much time left.

We’ve all seen these tiles with vinyl on them, but here’s a different little saying I came up with to give to my mom (sorry I ruined the surprise mom if you read this before Christmas).

Picture 179

I still need to go grab a display stand!

I will be gone on vacation and so I probably won’t be getting any posts up until sometime next week!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Scrolling Blog Buttons

I received a question on how I got my scrolling blog buttons so here's the answer:

I found this tutorial over @ Jenieshell's Design Challenge. She has tons of other tutorials for designing your blog, so go on over and check her blog out!

The only suggestion I have for you when doing this is to open up a word or notepad document and insert all of the individual blog button html onto it first then highlight them all, copy them and insert them into the code for the scrolling blog buttons.

Enjoy your new trinket, I love mine. Oh and if you have a blog button I would love to add it to my list. Feel free to grab mine and leave me a comment so I can grab yours!!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

50 Followers!!! A little treat for you!!!

To celebrate reaching 50 followers and thank all of my loyal readers I’m going to make available my tutorial for No-Sew Stockings!

Picture 133

These do hold up a fair amount of weight and would make for a fun family activity. If you can tie a knot you can make these!

Materials Needed:

An old stocking to use as a pattern

1 yd fleece material

½” matching ribbon

Hot Glue (optional)

Fold your fabric in half and place your old stocking on the fabric making sure you have around 3 inches of extra fabric all around the stocking. Cut the stocking out about 3 inches from your old stocking (pin the old stocking in place so it doesn’t move on you. Then cut the fringe from the edge to where the old stocking is (be careful not to cut the other stocking). Cut the fringe all the way around the sock except for at the top. Then make the ribbon lacing slots as shown in the picture below (each cut is about 1/2” apart). (you can click on the picture to see a larger version)

Once the sock is all cut out, follow these instructions (click on picture for larger image):

Thank you again to all of my readers!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Apron Redo and matching towels

I bought this plain apron and figured I could make it a little more stylish. 

Picture 236

At first I thought I would just add a little bit of trim to it but then I came across this Halter Apron by Heather Bailey and wanted to try to convert the apron into this style but I didn’t want to buy the pattern for just one apron so I decided I would try to wing it and this is what I came up with:

Picture 075

Here’s a brief overview of how I did it.


Basic Apron

2 Fat Quarters

Solid cotton scrap about 64” x 4” that matches the fat quarters

Cut down the center of the top.  Flipped the two pieces of the top so the armholes then became the neck line.  Then did a little tapering to the outer edge of the top making it go smaller as you head to the top of the apron. (be sure to remove the side ties but leave the neck ties attached)

Picture 238 Picture 239

Then cut your fat quarter in 4” x 21-22” strips.  You will need five.  Three for the waist and ties and 2 for the ruffle on the bottom.

Picture 240

I sewed the three strips together and then attached the fat quarter strip and the solid strip to the top of the bottom portion of the apron so that the right side of the fat quarter strip was facing the right side of the apron and the right side of the solid strip was facing the wrong side of the apron.  I sewed all the way around the strip except leave an opening at the top wide enough for the top portion of your apron to slide in.  Turn the strips inside out and then press.  Make sure to press the opening so that the edges are folded inside.  Now slip the lower edge of the top of the apron into the opening and stitch the opening closed.  I did a stitch from one end of the ties all the way across the top to the other edge of the tie.

Then trim up the bottom of the apron to the length you would like.  Sew the other two strips of fat quarter together and then press it in half, right sides out.  Do a basting stitch along the raw edge to use to gather the fabric.  Pull one of the threads and gather the strip so it’s the same size as the bottom of the apron (make sure to do a rolled hem finish to the ends of the ruffle so you don’t have any raw edges showing).  Then pin the  ruffle lining up the raw edges on the right side of the apron.  After stitching it in place and went back and did a zig-zag stitch to finish the edges.  Press and your done!!

I used the remainder of the second fat quarter to make 2 matching towels.  I got the towel idea from Sew 4 Home here.

 Picture 082

***on a side note I didn’t wind up attaching the top of the the apron as I wasn’t sure how it would fit her so I left it off making it only a half apron instead of a full apron***Picture 077

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Not so plain anymore…shirt updo

I decided to have a go at the freezer paper stenciling using bleach again.  It worked great this time!  The changes I did this time was that I used the bleach at nearly full strength allowing me to use less of it and preventing bleeding.  You can find the tips I used here (scroll down until you see a cute little cement truck on a red shirt and that’s where the pdf is) from Hoppo Bumpo.

I just found a graphic I liked on the internet and then cut it out on my Cricut into the freezer paper.  Then ironed one sheet of freezer paper on the inside of my shirt and then ironed the freezer paper with the design cut out onto the outside of the shirt.  Then spritzed the bleach and watched it work it’s magic!!! (make sure you cover up the areas that you don’t want bleached really well)

(I’m trying really hard to suck in the post baby bump)

Picture 061 Picture 062

Made several other shirts but they are for Christmas gifts so I’ll show them off later!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Recycled T-Shirt Holiday Dress

Picture 336

My inspiration for this dress came from Lil Blue Boo and this dress (interchangeable Santa hat, stocking and star).

Take 2 T-shirts of different colors and lay them on top of each other (this will make you two dresses).

Picture 352

I used this pattern here. (adjustments to pattern include that I made the measurements a little extra big to accommodate the extra seams with the stripes and added a armhole.)

Picture 353 Picture 354 Picture 355 Picture 357

The difference is that I made mine with more of an arm hole so that the dress would sit up higher. I just drew a 1/4th of a circle at the outside edge (not on the fold).

Picture 358 Picture 359

Then unfold the two shirts out and then cut across starting at the empire waist area and then evenly space the stripes down to the bottom. I did 5 stripes at 3.5” wide but yours may differ due to the size of dress.

Picture 350

I then staggered the two shirts making one like the one above and one like the one my daughter has on in the first picture. To sew them together I first sewed each tier together at the sides with right sides together so it made a complete circle. Then I started with the bottom tier and laid the wrong side of the upper tier onto of the right side of the lower tier (lining up the side seams) and then used a decorative stitch about 1/8 of and inch from the edge of the upper tier.

Picture 360

Looks like this:

Picture 307

Keep doing this until you have all of your tiers sewn together including the upper body portion sewn to the skirt portion.

Then I cut three 2” strips of each color of shirt making the strips long enough to go around the arm opening to create the strap. two of the strips you will use to make the straps and one you will use to finish the top of the front and back.

Picture 361Picture 336 (2)

For covering the top of the front and back: Lay the right side of the strip to the wrong side of the top lining up the edges this time instead of overlapping. Do a 1/4th inch seam. Then fold over in half making sure that the other half lays over the seam you made. Leaving the edge showing use a decorative stitch to sew it down.

For the straps do the same basic thing as for the top except along the actual strap portion you will have to fold over that seam and lay the other half over.

I didn’t do anything to finish the bottom edge of the dress.

I don’t know if I’m making any sense so if you don’t understand something then let me know and I’ll try to clarify.

To make the interchangeable objects:

I used Wunder Under to adhere a small square of fabric to the center inside of the front of the dress. I then hand stitched a snap to it. Then I used felt to make the Santa hat, stocking and star. I made two pieced of each shape and stitched the opposite portion of the snap to one of the shapes and then used Wunder Under to adhere the two shapes together hiding the stitching of the snap.

Picture 299 Picture 301 Picture 303

I’m participating in:


BCD Show and tell

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Gift Extravaganza Winner

The winner of the No-Sew Stocking kit is

Post #13 

 heather said...

I LOVE that apron pattern!  And that turquoise scarf looks so cool!

Congratulations Heather!!!  Email me with your mailing information by Monday the 7th at 8pm to get your prize! kraftymum03(at)gmail(dot)com

Thank you everyone for your participation and good luck to everyone on getting all your Holiday gifts made!!



**I started from comment 1 on day 1 and counted all the comments to yesterday's post and used Random.org to get the number.***

Friday, December 4, 2009

Holiday Gift Extravaganza: oTHeR HoLiDaY GiFTS & CRaFTs

To finish up our Extravaganza Week here’s some ideas for Holiday Decor, Cards, Gift Bags, Pet gifts, etc.

**Don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered into the Giveaway. You can also get a one time entry by spreading the word through e-mail, facebook or your blog!! If you are a follower be sure to leave a comment for another one time entry!!**

Nativity Scene Blocks


Dog Toy


Seasonal Word Blocks


Heritage Blocks




Gift Bag


Block Ornament


Glass Ornaments


Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holiday Gift Extravaganza: GiFTS FoR HeR

Now gifts for your sisters, mom, mother-in-law, or maybe even yourself!!!

**Don’t forget to leave a comment to be entered into the Giveaway. You can also get one time entry by spreading the word through e-mail, facebook or your blog!! If you are a follower be sure to leave a comment for another one time entry!!**


image image



Luggage Cover


Arm Warmers


For the Kitchen






Journal/Memory Book


Washer Necklaces and Bracelets



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