Thursday, December 17, 2009

50 Followers!!! A little treat for you!!!

To celebrate reaching 50 followers and thank all of my loyal readers I’m going to make available my tutorial for No-Sew Stockings!

Picture 133

These do hold up a fair amount of weight and would make for a fun family activity. If you can tie a knot you can make these!

Materials Needed:

An old stocking to use as a pattern

1 yd fleece material

½” matching ribbon

Hot Glue (optional)

Fold your fabric in half and place your old stocking on the fabric making sure you have around 3 inches of extra fabric all around the stocking. Cut the stocking out about 3 inches from your old stocking (pin the old stocking in place so it doesn’t move on you. Then cut the fringe from the edge to where the old stocking is (be careful not to cut the other stocking). Cut the fringe all the way around the sock except for at the top. Then make the ribbon lacing slots as shown in the picture below (each cut is about 1/2” apart). (you can click on the picture to see a larger version)

Once the sock is all cut out, follow these instructions (click on picture for larger image):

Thank you again to all of my readers!


Kristin said...

Way to go on 50 followers! Hey how do you make the button from other craft sites rotate like that on your right hand bar?

GroverFamily said...


Connie said...

Very Cute Stocking, thanks for the tutorial. Oh ya, and I just became your 51st follower. Here is to the next 49 who follow to get you to 100.

Andy Porter said...

Cute stockings!! I get to be number 52! Lucky me:)


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