Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Kitchen Tile for Grandma and Vacation

How time has flown.  I’ve been plugging away at my Christmas gifts trying to get them all done in time.   Not much time left.

We’ve all seen these tiles with vinyl on them, but here’s a different little saying I came up with to give to my mom (sorry I ruined the surprise mom if you read this before Christmas).

Picture 179

I still need to go grab a display stand!

I will be gone on vacation and so I probably won’t be getting any posts up until sometime next week!



Loren, Matt & Kaine said...

okay, this may be completely beside the point, but how did you get those roses to perfectly dried??? I JUST LOVE THEM. BTW, I love the tile also.

Marilyn said...

To answer the question about how I dried my roses, I just hung the roses upside down before they had fully bloomed. I don't recall using any sort of treatment on the flower. I just let them dry on their own!!!


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