Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Along the Way

Janet over at Along the Way hosted a couple of bracelet contests about a month ago.  The first contest was for a kids size bracelet and the other one was for an adult size bracelet.  My luck must have turned because I won not only one of the kids bracelets but one of the adult ones too!!! 

Then to top it off when they came in the mail I was pleasantly surprised to find that she had included matching earrings with the adult bracelet!!! 

Thank you Janet for hosting the contest.  The bracelets and earrings are beautiful!!!

DSC_0004_0670-1 DSC_0006_0672-1

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Get Well Bear

I made this cute little get well sock bear for our friend and neighbor who recently had knee surgery.
I stuffed the ends of his arms and legs with some beads and used buttons for eyes this time.  I typically embroider the eyes but I wasn’t worried about small children playing with this little guys so I used buttons.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sorry I’ve been MIA

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to post.  Things have been really crazy since I decided to go back to school and start up a photography business.  So for the next couple of months things will be pretty sporadic on here as I try to catch up, make preparations for my sister’s wedding and hopefully pull good grades in my classes.

Here’s the link so you can swing on by my photography blog  Marilyn C Photography!!!

My Wedding Dress

As by request here are pictures of my wedding dress that I made seven years ago (fyi most of our wedding pictures were taken with a 35mm camera so sorry the first and last pictures aren’t too clear).

Wedding 001 

Up close look at the  lace I put around the sleeves and the waist:

I also used some of the lace for my veil.


The rip that occurred when my husband tried to dip me and the heal of my shoe caught it.  I did a quick hand stitching job before the reception and it has never been fixed.

Here we are a cute couple I must say!

Wedding Picture

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