Saturday, November 21, 2009

Train Table

My 2 year old son loves to destroy the train track on his train table almost as fast as I can build it.  Well this was frustrating me and my 4 year old daughter.  I decided I wanted to mount the track down to the table, but I didn’t want to ruin the originally table top, so I made a new top for my kids’ train table.

BEFORE:                                                   AFTER:     

picture 017  Picture 243

I went and purchased a large piece of particle board and had it cut to size.  Then I spray painted the entire board brown and after it was dry I laid out the train tracks and took a picture of the table.  Then I printed the picture off and drew the streets and parks in on the paper first.  Picture 126

When I got it how I liked it I then went to town painting everything on  while the train tracks were still on the board.  I then took the tracks off and applied several coats of varnish.  After the varnish dried, I nailed the track down or glued where nails weren’t possible.  The trees, benches, and buildings are not glued or nailed down.

 Picture 245 Picture 246 

Now, when my kids are old enough to build their own train track, I’ll just remove the little nails from the tracks and the new table top and they can play with the original one again.


Heidi said...

So creative! And I get why you did it. It drives me crazy when my kids dump all of the Barbie furniture out of the Barbie house. It looks neat and clean when it is "set up", and like there is no hope when it is all over the floor.

heather said...

Genius! My son is forever tearing his tracks apart and then crying when he can't get them back together and I always end up having to do it for him. It's getting really old.


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