Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Pom Pom Turkey

Picture 011

All you need is a large pom-pom, one medium pom-pom, orange pipe cleaner (chenille stem), orange mini pom-pom, wiggly eyes, 3 feathers, and hot glue.

Glue the medium pom-pom onto the large pom-pom.  Then glue the wiggly eyes and the mini pom-pom on the medium pom-pom.  Then glue the 3 feathers to the backside of the large pom-pom.

Take about a 4 inch strip of pipecleaner and fold it to make three toes for the feet.  Now glue the feet onto the bottom of the large pom-pom.  A fun and quick little craft the kids can help with to dress up your Thanksgiving Table or you could even use these for place holders just have the piece of paper with the guest’s name rest on the feathers.

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