Friday, August 27, 2010

Fringe Scarf Tutorial

Since our family pictures last year when my daughter used this fringe scarf that our photographer Ashley Mae had,
09-26-2009 027
I’ve been wanting to make me one similar and here’s what I came up with:
Several different skeins of fuzzy/furry yarn ( I used 6)
Step 1: Cut 4 strands at about 48 inches of each of your yarn.  Because I used 6 different types of yarn I had a total of 24 (48 inch) strands.
Step 2: Put all your strands together lining one end of each strand up and then tie it to something sturdy about 20 inches from the end ( I used my sliding glass door)
Step 3: Then divide your strands into 4 strand segments (mixing the different yarns together) putting a knot about 4 inches from the knot where you tied all your strands to the sturdy object.
You should now have as many segments of 4 strands as you had different types of yarn with each segment having a knot about 4 inches from the big knot.
Step 4: Do you remember making friendship bracelets?  The same technique used to make friendship bracelets is what we are going to use to form sections of your strands that are all connected together. 
Take and hold each strand separated by a finger in your non dominant hand except for the farthest left strand.
You’ll want to hold these strands tight. 
Step 5: Now take the farthest left strand and loop it around your thumb and then loop it under the next strand going down on the right side of the strand and coming back up on the left side and through the loop your thumb is helping to create.  
Here’s a little diagram that might help to demonstrate what I’m trying to say.  (You can see my talent doesn’t lie in drawing on the computer)
Friendship Bracelet steps
Pull the loop down until you reach the knot in each strand.  You want to do this looping stitch twice on each strand all the way across otherwise your scarf will start to twist. 
Do three rows (each time you start with a new strand on the left that’s the start of a new row).  This is what it should look like after your three rows:
Step 6: Then about 4 inches from your last row of stitches you want to do a knot again like we did in Step 3.  Then repeat Steps 4-6 until you reach about 20 inches from the end of your strands.  Now you can untie your scarf from the sturdy object.
Step 7:  (Optional) I then finished my scarf off by tying a knot about 4 inches from the very end of each of my four strand sections (at both the beginning and end of my scarf).
075a KM
Now your finished!!!
I was roasting by the time I finally got this picture right, but then again what do you expect when it’s 80 degrees outside, your wearing a sweater,a scarf and your 7 months pregnant; LOL!!!
I would love to hear if you give this a try and as always if you have any questions just leave a comment or send me an e-mail!!!



steven said...

Lovely girl and girls fleece scarf

Julie said...

This is s really cute idea!

Twin Inspiration said...

That is so cute. I will have to try it. Thanks for sharing.



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