Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rocky Rolls!!!

Some of our favorite treats to eat during this time of year is Rocky Road and Cinnamon Santas (or bears) covered in chocolate. 

This year we made Santas covered in both milk chocolate and white chocolate.  We called them “Utah Santas” (this is where Santa will get snow on his boots) and “Florida Santas” (this is where Santa will get mud on his boots).

After finishing the Santas I was going to use the remainder of the chocolate to make Rocky Road, but upon searching I realized I didn’t have any of the mini marshmallows only the regular sized ones.  So we rolled the regular sized marshmallows in the chocolate and then in the walnuts.  It was messy but fun!!! 

So instead of Rocky Road this year we are having “Rocky Rolls”!!!

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