Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jack O’ Lantern Curtain

My inspiration for this curtain came from my Hubby.  He put together a fun romantic evening a couple of weeks ago, including decorations and dessert.  He made candle lanterns out of cardboard boxes and a curtain out of shredded paper.  His curtain gave me the idea to make one that wouldn’t get torn up by the kids and was festive for Halloween.
How To:
1 orange twin size flat sheet $4 at Walmart (or orange fabric)
Black paint
Green scrap fabric (optional)
Pumpkin face ideas (I found mine here)
Pole or string (whatever you want to use to hang the curtain with)
Measure the width of the entryway you want your curtain to hang in and round up to the nearest inch.  Then measure out your sheet to that same size (I unstitched the seams in my sheet first).  I just put a little snip in my sheet and then ripped the fabric straight down. 
Now find your design for your face.  You can draw it right on your fabric or cut it out of paper first.  I cut it out of paper first so I could see how well I would like it and position it where I wanted.
If you did the paper then trace around the paper onto your fabric.  I used a black marker.
Now paint the face in.
Now if you are going to use the green trim at the top you need a piece that is as wide as your orange fabric and double the width you would like the trim to end up being.  My piece would up being 38” x 12”. 
Once your paint has dried sew one edge of your green trim to the top edge of your orange fabric with right sides together.  Then fold the other edge of your green fabric with at least a 1/4” fold and then fold the green fabric in half over the seam you just made.  Now stitch the folded edge to the orange fabric meeting up the edge with the seam you made earlier.  I did two stitches along this edge.
If you are not doing the green trim you just need to create a casing that will fit your pole or string.  As you can see in the first picture I used a scrap piece of wood (the same one that my hubby used for his curtain).
Now at the bottom edge of your orange fabric make small cuts every 1”.  Then tear the fabric into strips all the way up to the green trim or the casing you made. 
Now your Jack O’ Lantern is ready to hang!!!
My two munchkins are loving the new look!!!
Curtain Fun
(I wish I had taken more pictures of the sewing portion, but I’ll probably be making  another one [not a pumpkin though] and I’ll be sure to take more detailed pictures.)



Army Wife Quilter said...

very cute idea. great for trick or treat decor.

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