Friday, September 17, 2010

Alphabet Photography Sign

I made this Alphabet Photography sign as a wedding gift for my cousin. It says “Harris” with the classic “EST 2010” for the year they were married.
I had fun scouring my town and the mountain to find the pictures to take.  Then I ran out of time to put it together at my house, so I had fun trying to use what I quickly packed with me to make it look nice.  I also forgot my wall hanging kit at home (350 miles away) so then I had to decide how on earth were they going to hang it on the wall.  I then came up with the idea of using some barbwire as the hanger; I just had to get my dad to help me attach it to the board!!!
How to:
I used a 7”x32”x1” scrap board that I had.
I took the pictures and then edited them to all have the same look (you can also find pictures online, but me being a photographer myself I wanted to use my own pictures).
I painted the board brown and then glued the scrapbook paper strip along the bottom. 
Because my dad was all out of sandpaper I distressed my board using a metal/wood file and a wire brush.
I then evenly spaced out all my pictures and glued them down.
I used my sister’s vinyl cutting machine to cut out the “EST 2010” and placed it on the green scrapbook paper that I cut to the same size as the photographs.  (FYI if you need any custom vinyl cut let me know as she just started her business called Got Vynl?)
Then I covered the entire board with mod podge to give it a protective coating.
My dad did wonders with the barb wire.  He measured out a piece of barb wire and then made a loop at each end around a screw and then screwed it into the top of the board.
That was it!!!
Oh and just for fun here’s a picture of the newlyweds…098-1MCP


Megan A. @ Megan Homemade said...

So cute! Where did you find the frame?

Marilyn said...

Megan, my frame is just a 7" x 32" board. I edited my post to include more detail on how I made the sign. Thanks for your question!


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