Friday, June 4, 2010

Baby Shower Sail Boats

A friend of mine had a baby shower about a month ago.  I had seen how people were presenting some simple gifts like receiving blankets as cute little flowers and wanted to do something like that except since she was having a boy I wanted it to be boyish.  So I came up with these cute little sail boats:
Receiving Blanket
Burp Cloth
Wash Cloths or Cotton Balls
1/4” x 12” Dowel
Baby Toy (Optional)
Shredded Paper Strips
Gift Bag
I made my own receiving blanket and burp cloths.  The receiving blanket was 36” square and the burp cloths I think were 12” x 24” (I’m not 100% sure on the dimensions of the burp cloths).
Making the Boat:
Folding your boat
1 & 2: Lay out your receiving blanket and then fold one corner of the receiving blanket to the opposite corner forming a triangle. 
3.  Grab another point and fold it over making a smaller triangle. 
4 &5.  Keep grabbing one point and folding it over. 
6.  Once you get it folded to the size you want your boat (I folded mine six times) then tape across the points that want to fold away from each other.
7.  Push the middle point up into the center of the last fold you did to create a flat bottom.   You may want to do a little taping along the side to keep it closed.
8.  Sit your boat up and stick your dowel through off to the side that doesn’t have the folded point in the way.  Now either use your wash cloths or some cotton balls to stuff inside the boat around the dowel to hold it in place. 
Making the Flag:
Folding your flag
1. Lay your burp cloth out.
2.  Fold it in half
3.  Fold one corner over to form the triangle.
4.  Keep folding until you have the size you want for your flag (I made 4 folds including the folding in half in step 2).  Then tape the corner to hold it together.
Putting Boat and Flag Together:
Slide your dowel up through the middle along the folded side.  You will probably want to put a few strips of tape along both open sides especially on the bottom side, right next to where the dowel goes into the flag.
Plop a toy into the boat and now your ready for the packaging.
I made my own paper filling by taking two shades of blue construction paper and sending it through the CD slot on my paper shredder.  It made the perfect little strips.  After that I just scrunched the paper strips in my hands.
Now just get you a gift bag (I used one of my Scentsy delivery bags and it sure smelt good!!!).  Layer the paper shreds on the bottom and then insert a sailboat or two.  Tie the top with some ribbon and add a card and your ready to go!!!!



Savannah said...

wow so creative! thanks for sharing!

Alison said...

Oh my goodness, what a clever idea!! I love the sailboats :) So cute for a little boy!! Thanks for linking to Baby Week at Oopsey Daisy! I will be sharing these in a final idea roundup tomorrow!!

Have a good weekend!

Alison said...

I featured this fabulous idea with a roundup of baby ideas celebrating Baby Week. Here's the link:

Thanks so much for the inspiration!


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