Friday, January 1, 2010

LBB & Dharma Trading Design Challenge

I’m a huge fan of Lil Blue Boo and they have teamed up with Dharma Trading  Co. for a Design Challenge Contest.    I plan on entering into the contest and have already hit the drawing boards!!!
Here’s the challenge:

“Create a unique outfit for a girl or boy using a Lil Blue Boo pattern. Alterations to the patterns ARE allowed as well as additional coordinating clothing items and accessories! I want you to have as much creative room as you think you need!
Use at LEAST one of the following techniques in your creation: fabric dyeing, fabric painting, stenciling, fabric transfers, screen printing or other embellishments (including applique).”

**For more detailed information and rules click the button at the bottom of post**


One of my ideas I have brewing is going to be based after this cute hoodie pattern.


I am way excited as I love Lil Blue Boo style and have already implemented a couple of her ideas into a some of the dresses I’ve made for my daughter.  This will be a fun new adventure.  Come join me in the design fun!!!

1 comment:

heather said...

I own both her hoodie and her t-shirt dress patterns, and I am torn as to whether or not I will join in the fun. I am excited to see what you come up with though, and I will certainly be rooting for you!


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