Saturday, June 6, 2009

Super Kids

The kids like to have me tie blankets around them like capes so I decided to make them each one. I just used what I already had in my fabric stash! To make them I just measured the width of their shoulders and then added 1 inch for the top. Then I measured how how long I wanted the capes to be and I just slowly increased the width as I went to the bottom. Basically making an "A" frame shape. Then I applied the applique letter (these ones I used an adhesive and then did hand sewing around the edges). With right sides together I then sewed the two sides together (be sure to pin the ribbons between the two layers at the top before you sew them together). I left a small opening so I could turn the cape inside out. I finished with a stitch around the outside edge. As always if you have any question leave a comment and I'll try and answer them!

I even made one for the new baby to wear when he gets here. For now Teddy is sporting his cape!

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