Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kids' Bedroom Makeover

I finally did some actual decorating in the kids' room. I just went with a circle or "bubbles" as the kids' call them.

Here are the curtains and the circles that I put around the upper portion of all the walls. I made the curtain out of some denim like fabric that I had in my stash and just painted the circles on with acrylic paint. The circles on the wall I cut out of cardboard and painted with acrylic paint (I painted the cardboard first and then cut the circles to make it easier). Because we rent the circles are just held up with tack adhesive putty.

Here's a shelf I made. I used some scrap wood I had and my dad's scroll saw. I just painted it and then added more cardboard circles. The blocks are a gift that Patrick's Mom has given the kids on their first birthday!

I found this online, it's call a Boon Trio and I have decided to make one. The second picture is my mini test experiment with some scrap fabric to figure out the pattern. Now I just need to order the zippers and then I can make it! I have to order a special make your own zippers kit because the size of zippers I need is longer than 36". I'll post pictures when it's done.
There's still one more big item that I'm working on with my dad for the kids' room, but you'll have to wait to see what that is! It'll be done sometime in June so stay tuned!

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