Monday, November 8, 2010

A Learning Quilt

Boy did I learn a lot putting this quilt together.  I did a lot of firsts.

It was my first time working with a shape other than squares (and not an applique).

It was my first time doing free motion quilting.

And it was my first time binding a quilt.

My sister had the triangles left over from making a quilt for her little girl and she offered them to me to make a quilt.  I didn’t want to make one just like her quilt so I started messing around with ideas.  I came up with my pattern and once I started sewing I soon regretted my choice.  It took forever to sew those little triangles all together.  Not to mention trying to figure out how to add the cream into the design too.  The free motion quilting was fun, just don’t look too close and you won’t notice how inconsistent my stitch length is, LOL!!! 

Without any further ado here is the quilt….


1 comment:

DJ Rose said...

I love it. Way to go. I am getting a darning foot for my birthday (in a week) and am so excited to try free motion quilting. Thanks for the courage to try. (Obessevily stitching is where I got the idea from too)


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