Monday, October 5, 2009

Make your own Chenille Strips or “Fuzzy by the Foot”

I based my method of making these Chenille Strips or “Fuzzy by the Foot” off of this tutorial here.

There’s two ways you can prepare the squares to cut.  The first way is illustrated in this picture.  Fold the fabric in thirds and then draw a straight line along the bias of the fabric.  Then cut a straight line from the end of the line you just made to the other side of the fabric creating a square.

Chenille 059

The Second way is to just cut three squares of fabric all the same size and line them up on top of each other making sure you have the bias grain going the same way.  Then draw your line connecting one corner of the square to another dividing it into two triangles.

Chenille  052

With all three squares together make your first straight stitch down the line you made.  Then line the last stitch up against the left side of the presser foot.  Now depending on how wide you want your strips to be is where you want your needle aligned.  I had my needle in the middle for mine and that made them 3/8” wide once cut.

Chenille 005

Now keep going rotating from once side to the other making lines always lining up your last stitch to the left side of your presser foot.

Chenille 007

This is what it will look like when you are done sewing all your lines.

Chenille  057

Now cut down the middle between each of your stitched lines.

Chenille  058

Here’s what one strip looks like

Chenille  066

Chenille  061

I used my strips to go around my appliqués for my Rock-A-Bye Quilt.  Find a starting spot and start pinning your strips on.  I only pinned the starting point of a new strip and then lined the strip up as I sewed.  Attach the strip by sewing down the middle (you are sewing over the stitching that is already there).  When one strip ends just line a new strip up against the last strip and keep sewing (pinning at the beginning of the new strip will keep it from sliding on you as you keep sewing.

Chenille  063

Here’s what it looks like at the end of one strip and beginning of another.

Chenille  067B

Now take a comb or rough bristled brush and fuzz the strips.  This makes a little bit of a mess, but is so worth it.

Chenille 070

Here’s what it looks like after a little fuzzing!

Chenille  072

Chenille 074

I had so much fun doing this and it made my quilt look so much better.

BeforeRBB Mini Quilt 008 (2)

AfterChenille  077

If you are uncertain about any of the steps or I skipped something that you feel is important to help other’s understand please feel free to leave a comment or contact me by e-mail.

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