Monday, March 30, 2009

Seat Cover

So my kids are very messy when it comes to eating in the car. In our old car I used an old sheet to cover the seats in my attempt to protect them. It did a pretty good job protecting from food but not so good at protecting from drink spills. So I made a cover to go over the seat where the spills typically occur. I made it from a cotton print, and a vinyl table cover (the kind with a little batting on the back). I figured that should absorb most spills and keep it off the seats. I can then just throw the cover in the wash and then let it air dry. All I did was measure the length of my seat and then I measured the entire seat portion and up the back of the seat a little bit. It wound up being a rectangle measuring 40" x 29". I sewed it similar to the way you would a quilt by double rolling the front over the back (I hope that makes sense). I then laid it on the seat and measured out where the seat belt buckles were and cut a square out for that. I marked out the slots for the car seat anchors and made large buttonholes where those are at. It worked out better then I thought it would. I'll be making a smaller one to fit under just one car seat for when baby #3 arrives. Here are some pictures:

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