Friday, December 12, 2008

Snowman Bottle

As I was giving my son some juice I took a look at the bottle and decided it would make for a cute little snowman. For this project I used juice bottles, cotton balls, maroon beads (didn't have any black ones), tumbleweed sticks, orange toothpicks, and red yarn. First I stuffed the inside of the bottle with newspaper and then topped it with Elmer's glue and one cotton ball. Then I took several cotton balls and pulled them so they weren't balls anymore. I covered the top half of the bottle with Elmer's glue and then proceeded to cover the glue with the cotton. Then I did the bottom half. I stretched another cotton ball out without making it loose it's circular shape and glued it in placed on the top, for his head. After they had dried for a little while I trimmed the tumbleweed sticks to the size I wanted the arms and attached them to the sides with a hot glue gun. I then used 3 maroon beads for each eye attaching them with Elmer's glue. For the nose I cut off the tip of the orange toothpick and placed it on the face using Elmer's glue. I then cut 3 strings of red yarn to the same size. Holding the three strings together I tied a knot at each end. Then I tied the strings around the snowman's neck. Tada, I have 5 cute little snowmen! Now I can't decide what to use for a hat or if I should leave them without hats? Hmmmm... anyone?


James and Kristene Armstrong said...

These little snowmen are so cute. Where di you get the bottle's from?

le35 said...



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