Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Book Help

I’m not even sure anyone even follows me anymore since I’ve been such a slacker but if you do I could sure use your help.  I want to start doing a tradition I read about a while ago where the family wrapped up all their Christmas books and depending on how many they had they start opening one a night until Christmas Eve.  I don’t want to just go buy a whole bunch of meaningless Christmas books.  I would love them to be about the true meaning of Christmas, about giving rather than receiving, and about Christ.  Here’s where I need your help. 

What are your families favorite Christmas books?

Just leave a comment of your favorites and if you want why you love them!

Thanks a ton!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Turkey Pumpkins

What do you do when you are a slacker of a mom and didn’t make the time to carve the pumpkins for Halloween?

you turn them into Turkey’s for Thanksgiving…..




Brown Cardstock




Yellow and red foam (or felt, paper, etc)

Wiggly Eyes

I’m not going to go into great details but you can wing it from my pictures!

Make the face on brown cardstock


Glue feathers to strips of brown cardstock


Glue the strips of feathers together fanning them out and the attach to pumpkin (I used hot glue for this part)

Then glue the head onto the stem of the pumpkin.

Now you have a Turkey Pumpkin!

Here are two of my Turkeys posing with our Turkey Pumpkins!!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Seasonal Pillow Covers

Just finished making these pillow covers.  They turned out so cute and they were super easy to make. 

I finished this fall/thanksgiving themed ones just in time!  I love the off centered orange stripe (the orange is sparkly too, love the sparkles!!!)


I know these one’s are a little late for the holiday but they are ready for next year.  The only thing I would change if I was to make these again would be to make the orange frame larger.DSC09360

I had a hard time finding just the right ribbon to make these pillows covers look like presents.  Then I found out that JoAnn’s sells a ribbon that looks like burlap without the rough feel of burlap.  Then my other struggle was finding just the right green something to go in the center of the bow.  I must admit I’m not entirely in love with what I used but they do still look cute!

DSC09361 DSC09362

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Quilt and Fish Tail Towel Hanger

I’ve got a gazillion projects either waiting to be finished or waiting to be recorded.  I’ve been trying to get myself organized again since moving into our first home and sending our oldest daughter to Kindergarten.  It’s been quite the struggle to manage schedules and I’ll admit I don’t like having to work my life around school now.  It’s always been nice to just pick up and go whenever I wanted.  The worst part is the schedule crunching is just beginning and I know it will only get crazier the older she gets and as her siblings join her.  Life sure is crazy!

Anyways enough with my rant…

Here are some pictures of a couple of projects I just finished:

This is the baby quilt I made for my sister’s little girl who was born last January (this tells you how far behind I am)

DSC_0072 DSC_0073

This fish tail towel hanger came out of necessity when the kids hung on the original towel rod and it cam off the wall (thankfully not damaging the kids or the wall).  This makes it so the kids (except the baby) can now hang their own towels after their bath.

DSC_0286 DSC_0287


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